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    1. Recharge
      hey Tom :)

      good to see you're interested in getting one of these wonderful creatures :D

      I'll sniff around and see what I can find on local breeders for you, but in the mean time, read, LOTS, you want to get as big a cross section of information and views on keeping snakes as you can, theories and preferences vary a LOT, from "professional" breeders to know it all twits, the more cross section, the better you can try and make judgements for yourself.
      keep in mind, there is no perfect way to keep or handle a snake, they tend to be very individual in their needs and requirements.

      water pythons are not the best choice for inexperience keepers, they can be nervous and reactive to their handler, if you're at all scared or unsure, they will often react accordingly, they also tend to crap and pee when handled as a reaction, so they can be quite messy, and they get rather large, and if you've not handled them or kept them properly can be a serious handful (a 3 meter snake can give one hell of a bite I assure you)
      if you're serious about a water python, then I'd seriously suggest meeting up with a keeper or two of these and see if you're going to "click" well with them (be prepared to be snapped too hehe)

      many people tend to go for a snake without really considering how they are going to manage (with) them.

      pm if you're game to go confrontational with a few different species and I'll see if I can arrange a visit for you to get a little first hand experience (keeping in mind, the ones you will handle will be used to it and won't be the same as getting your own, but it's a start)

      a more social snake, will either be one of the carpet species or the children's, but even there, snakes tend to be reactive to those handling them, they smell fear ;)

      you're more than welcome to come visit mine any time you wish :)

    2. virage87
      Hey Recharge, how are ya?

      Im tentatively looking into getting into snakes, and reading old posts, you seem to be the go to guy in brissy haha.

      Im looking at the water python, after reading a post of yours.

      Im looking for a more social snake, well relative to other snakes that is. I have no experience with reptiles, but im willing to do this properly, my goal is a long term pet. Would you have any other species recommendations for a more handle friendly type?
      I would look to buy the snake from a breeder, so if you can recommend any breeders that have water pythons for sale, that would be great.

      Cheers for your time mate.

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