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here are the results for today:
  • test start time 9am
  • Water temp at start 10 deg (after 10min of running the pump with no heat load).
  • Water volume in the revserve 2litres, water volume in the loop .5 to 1 litre. Total volume 2.5 to 3 litres.
  • Heat load 150 watt fish tank heater. This will simulate very closely the heat load I will be putting on the system as i7 creates about 130 watts of heat.

The test system is still running but I don't think it will change from 17 deg that it has been running for the last 4 hours+

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So what does this test tell me / what can I expect?

Firstly, Tasmanian agricultural areas (soil) have a mean annual temperature of 11-13 deg C. So I can expect the concrete foundation to sit at about 14-16 deg year round. When the house is built adding a few deg for ambient heat in the house. I have shown that this system will hold 150 watt load at about +7 deg above concrete temperature.

So I can expect water for my PC cooling loop to be about 21-23 deg C year round. I was hoping for a bit lower in the range of 16 deg and I'm sure this would be possible with a longer loop.

My current water loop (standard setup with 120.3 radiator and CPU block) sits at about 10 deg above ambient air temp giving me 29-31 deg C coolant temp.

After all those variables are taken into account. I can expect to have chilled water 8-10 deg C below my current water loop which should give me quite a lot more head room for overclocking and best of all NO NOISY FANS blasting air through a heat exchanger.

A big thanks to the people that posted constructive comments and offered help with this project

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Click to view full size!

To the people that said this would fail:
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