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Originally Posted by Paul Warren View Post
Very happy to see this thread setup.

We're interested in why you keep hammering your 'vendor behavior' point though ..
I'm hardly hammering the subject, the whole point of the update is a starting point for comment & review. A lot of us that saw the action/took part in the glamour threads have moved on.

That said, the code of conduct presented in this thread are not the OCAU forum rules, people are free to ignore the code of conduct presented as they wish.

As far as vendors/organised events where a financial transaction is made, I think it is only fair to attendees to have as much information available as possible, as well as being aware of what those implications are.

I personally think it is better for the forums to avoid the mudslinging as per the threads re Melbourne Glamour Shoot.

Threads like that can lead to forum members that have provided positive contributions in the past leaving, and lets face it, most of us are here because we have a passion for photography at any level, and to some extent technology, this is a fantastic place to learn new techniques from, and some great friendships have been struck as a result.

At any rate, positive feedback and comments are welcome.

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