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Okay first things first! So people don't think I'm crazy I feel like I should probably provide a little disclaimer :p When I was originally thinking of starting this build I found myself putting together a big list of parts and prices, lots of prices and lots of dollars!

I didnt trust myself to do a good enough job, fast enough, if I had all this kit around gathering dust. Thats why I made a deal with myself - I'd buy some MDPC sleeving and if I had the patience to sleeve some random extensions and cables properly I'd step it up a notch.

So I did my first MDPC order - a starter kit of sleeving and a depinning tool. Then ordered a couple of dodgy $2 24-pin atx extension cables from eBay. There were newbie sleever dramas of course - the difficulty depinning cables at first and not knowing how hard you should pull, being worried you're going to break the pin or the depinner. Also initially cut my headshrink way too long which I tend to see a lot of people do - around 14mm is perfect!

So then did another few MDPC orders including more sleeve than I'll ever need for future mods :) Also grabbed a crimper so I can make custom length cables and lots of pins for it.

Here you can see the packages and the cool package-sketches Nils does each time which I've cut out and saved:

Sorry for the dodgy light on these next few, these shots are the AX1200's 24-pin ATX cable being depinned and me slowly figuring out how to 'remember' where everythings supposed to go back!

Dodgy 'figuring it out as I go' pinout included for your hassling pleasure :p

I decided to depin the cable completely, measure sleeving in bulk, then heatshrink and repin. I think it helped me feel less overwhelmed with how many hours it took :)

All 24 cables with sleeving measured, now onto heatshrinking and repinning!

The finished 24-pin atx cable. Pretty happy with the result, some heatshrink is not 100% aligned so will probably (when I have the stomach for it again) go back and redo those cables.

I like this shot, makes me think of a snake protectively coiled over eggs or something :)

One of the 8-pin cables done! I find these a lot less daunting to do and even enjoy sitting watching tv and zoning out while sleeving.

More 8-pin cables, the cable ties are just on there temporarily until the wires 'remember' they bunch together. After that I cut them off and stretch them out to full length until I need them in the build.

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