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CASE UPDATE - 800D First Looks

Wanted to share some of my early shots and first impressions of the case. After unboxing it I put the AX1200 PSU and Motherboard in so I could get a better feel for the available space and take some measurements to help with the cutting later on.

Unboxed stock case with the corsair fans and shrouds removed. It's a pretty nice looking case with a lot of space to work with. I think the space and cable management possibilities were what originally enticed me toward starting to mod in the first place.

Side shot of the case - the amount of space the 5" optical drive bay takes up really pisses me off. Such a beautiful case and wait what..5 optical drive bays? granted you don't have to put stuff in them but that drive rack is still going to be there taking up space, taunting me. Let's see I could fit a 5" floppy drive, a 3" floppy drive, a dvd drive, a drive bay toaster, a drive bay kitchen sink... :S I'll stop ranting and just accept that I'm going to have to modify that in this build! :)

Did a couple of test designs for more stickers to replace the AX1200 stock ones, pretty happy with how they look. Kept all the pertinent data and added my purchase date to the bottom sticker for future reference. I nearly put "IF FOUND PLEASE RETURN TO: ______________" on the sticker at one stage - for some reason the idea of a power supply being 'lost' and needing that kind of labelling amused me greatly. My girlfriend rolled her eyes and hassled me, saying "Well at least you can amuse yourself!" - such a fantastic support team I have :p

Even with well routed cabling behind the back panel I don't like the idea of cabling being hidden. I've seen some horrible shots of cables jammed in on 800D builds and I'm determined to hide nothing on this one - taking these shots gave me the idea to have a window on both sides of the case with a lot of the motherboard tray cut out, giving the case a more 'open' feel.

Before getting stuck into cutting up the case I did a test fit to see what the power supply cable lengths were like. The 8-Pin CPU cable to the top of motherboard turned out to be a little short for comfort so will redo that one to custom length. Also took the space measurements around the motherboard and marked with tape so I can look at doing a custom motherboard plate to show off more of the cabling. Seems like it'd be a waste to conceal my cabling if its all custom length and sleeved. The test sticker on the PSU looks okay I think, need to adjust the sizing a little bit for the final version though. Has anyone removed stickers on their corsair PSU's before? I've seen worklogs where it's been done am wondering if they've changed the design - the ones on my PSU seem to not be stickers, almost like they're part of the metal so I'm not sure how to remove them cleanly.

Another shot of the test fitting - the colour scheme looks really good to me, a winner I think so I'm happy!

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