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Reddit Update - Thread has jumped to over 5000 views due to a mate posting a link on Reddit (Thanks Dale!) so figured a few new pictures were in order.

I've completed the 480mm radiator mod so far this weekend but need some time to process the pics and remember where I put my black pop rivets! I'll post that stuff up on Monday :)

Thought in the mean time I might share a small sleeving mod I did on the power cable. To reiterate the stickied post in the Electronics & Electrics forum this can be very dangerous and shouldnt be attempted without a qualified electrician. Fortunately I had my father-in-law around on this one :)

Stripping back the wires:

After stripping back the wires and cutting the end off I sleeved the cord using MDPC red sata sleeving, then used a black replacement plug from bunnings. Using the replacement plug makes it a lot easier as you don't have to solder the wires together again and heatshrink. The result:

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