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Parts Update - Thought today I'd share some of the parts going into the system with you guys.

I wasnt able to source the Bitspower C47/C48 fittings in Australia so had to order them via FrozenCPU. Received the package pretty quickly and was surprised at how light it was considering the million or so little packets inside:

After opening everything up my army of bitspower bittings was ready for war!

An assortment of different 45/90/stopper fittings including the tap fitting that I plan (somehow) on using to incorporate a clever drain line into the build.

A solemn procession! :p

I still can't decide between using the Lund Pomplex Reservoir or the Phobya 150 in this build. It's looking more and more like the Phobya 150 will be what I go with, although I've got both here to test out the look/feel/fit with the build.

Like some of my other shots, I tried to make these ones different so they stand out a little more. I realised pretty early on this build that taking direct photographs of the products/parts might be sufficient to get the point across - but they get boring pretty fast if they're no different to the shots everyone else is posting!

That's why I used the zinc ingots in earlier sleeving shots, and why these reservoir block shots are a little different too :)

The Lund Pomplex comes in a nondescript plain box, letting the beautifully machined reservoir inside do all the talking.

I didnt think I'd like the Phobya 150 that much, but once it arrived I realised it's also a solid bit of kit and very adaptable:

My girlfriend finds it terribly amusing to pick on my nerdiness when I get this 'look of concentration' on my face taking these shots:

..and finally a couple of shots of the Koolance CPU block:

Still a lot more to show you, I'll probably post up shots of the Black ICE SR1 480mm radiator and fan fitting next time.
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