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Small update today before a longer one tomorrow. Wanted to share how crazy the traffic on this thread has been so put a few pictures from my iPad together showing the amount of views in the last week:

So while I slept there were 39,000 views! Then in the last week another 25,000 - not bad considering what's to come! Couple of pics to share:

The silver shining pump housing for my PMP-450S, so photogenic!

The batwing fans attached to the Black Ice SR1 480 - it was an absolute prick getting these all on there! Didnt matter what order I attached them by the time three were on the space was too tight and the housing on the third/fourth would always be a few mm too close.

I ended up getting the fourth one on by attaching the first screw with the housing at an angle (eg not square with the other fan) then swivelling it into the square position. Is this kind of tight fit common or just a peculiarity of some fan/rad combinations?

My favourite shot of the build so far :)

Next up I'll post about the 'copper fiasco' so far and where things are at with procuring the copper pipe :)
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