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We've passed 70,000 views on the worklog! :) Thanks to Agg for linking the worklog on the frontpage and to the Reddit crowd - the comments have been fantastic and very encouraging for a first time modder, also got a few laughs out of some of the comments so worth a read if you're curious. (link, link and link).

A few of my favourite comments:

Obsessive is right. But holy shit if that isn't beautiful :Q______
The level of detail he is putting into this is astounding.
Very obsessive. Even more AWESOME
Anyone else find the name "Massively" frustrating? He's given a noun an adjective for a name!...argh!
I started reading out of interest in the mod, and finished out of fascination with his obsession.
There was also some talk in the Reddit comments about what kind of cards I'd need to play the latest games at native 7680x1440 res. I thought I'd share some of the in-game screenshots from my WoW days showing what the world looks like in 7680x1440 using my SLI'd 460 cards which handled it pretty well. Granted it's an old game but probably pegged well toward my future endeavours just the same :p

Let's get to the update eh?


The tape used is a low adhesive tape intended for painting. It should help prevent unnecessary scratching on the rest of the case when using the dremel. It should be noted that after taping the case up like this I was pretty nervous about making the first cuts into the metal. I had zero experience cutting metal and my dremel was still pretty new, shiny and foreign to me. Did I REALLY want to modify the case to fit that silly 480mm radiator? What if I stuffed it up and ruined the case? Needless to say it took me a good week or so of continuing to delay it before I started in. :)

Front cover removed along with the front USB panel, although I've got the USB 3 upgrade kit for this I still didnt want to accidently cut any of those cables.

The belly of the beast, front cover removed from the 800D and looking inside. I like this shot, mainly because later on it'll remind me how much I've removed!

First cuts! I was relieved to be finally starting in but still pretty nervous, I remember being pretty surprised at how long it took to cut through the metal.

Nearly there!

Huzzah!! the top comes free

Straight away I know I like it. The 480mm radiator will soon occupy the space, but the feeling of openness is a good one and gives me ideas for the rest of the build.

Bitspower 480mm radguard in place to get some measurements (read: make sure I didnt screw up).

I think that should just about cover it for today :) More next time!
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