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Originally Posted by Dumpty View Post
Nice and neat,
big :thumbup:
Thanks :)

Originally Posted by h2oxide View Post
Source: MDPC-X
Originally Posted by brayway View Post
Don't Tempt me...
If I order rivets from there... I know I will order more than that... :Paranoid::lol:
Originally Posted by Moptimus View Post
Or Bunnings if you like. But MDPC do have them if you manage to get through for the limited opening times.
I had difficulty finding black rivets initially, ended up getting some from a local place so I had SOMETHING to test with. They scratch pretty easily so you have to be careful if you want the result to present well.

I ended up ordering 60 black rivets (3.2 x 10mm black flange) from eBay for about $9, the site/user was Spalding Fasteners and I received them in about a week which was pretty good. Will still definitely place an MDPC order for rivets next time I need something else but lets just say that won't be for a while:

Originally Posted by BlueRaven View Post
Since it was my first big project but also my main gaming rig, I basically didn't do enough planning, underestimated the cost and quantity of parts/materials (sleeving and WC gear mainly) then ran out of budget. But the games must be played, the content must be consumed, the OC'ing and tinkering must continue... <snip>

Project coming along nicely, with care and attention to detail. The views are well deserved. :)
Totally understand! I think I admitted to myself straight away that I might lose focus or interest in the build before it was finished and that it could take a LONG time. That's kinda why I've done the build in a weird way - buying PSU/Case/etc before components because I didnt want shiny CPU/GPU sitting there getting dust and growing out of date every day!

Thanks for the encouragement too mate :)

Originally Posted by Madengineer View Post
That is a great looking build!
Thanks :)
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