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UPDATE – 800D Deconstruction

When I first unboxed the 800D case I can distinctly remember thinking to myself that I’d never be capable of really taking it apart. It looked too complicated for me and I was worried that beyond a certain point I wouldn’t be able to put it back together. I watched an awesomely detailed series of Youtube clips, posted by CyberDruid, on taking apart an 800D case entirely. I have to tell you that only further disuaded me from believing I could take mine apart! I even considered going air-cooled at one point, what a mistake that would have been! :p

So after working myself up to the 480mm Radiator mod and cutting the case I began to build confidence. The next thing I wanted to do was remove the motherboard tray to get some measurements and possibly cut it. The motherboard tray is fairly easy to remove – it’s secured by two screws and three pop rivets.

Making a mess outside, getting tools ready:

My first time drilling a pop-rivet out, much easier than I expected and a lot more fun :) In hindsight I should have seen what was coming next!

In this next shot you can see where the motherboard plate fastens to the case:

The motherboard tray removed:

Much like when I cut the top of the case out to fit the 480mm radiator, seeing the case opened up like this felt really right.

I wondered if I should drill more rivets out…

Pop-rivet carnage :)

Optical drive bay removed! Ha! Ha ha! Muahaha! Decided to remove the optical drive bay and several rivets later it's out! At this stage I had to resist the urge to set it on fire and jump up and down laughing maniacally. I hate it, but I might need it later so I'll save it just in case... :p

What the case looks like with the ODB removed:

More pop-rivet carnage!

Out came the hotswap bay:

Last shot for this update, light was fading but I wanted to get one more shot showing the ODB and Hotswap removed - spacious!!

Starting to think about painting options for the case. I really like the metallic matte red and black paints that Asus use on the motherboard heatsink so need to seek some advice on painting options. Thinking an auto painting place might be my best option but I'm not sure - any ideas?

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