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Originally Posted by csimpson View Post
This is one of the best documented builds (and most interesting) that I've seen. Kudos.
Thanks so much for the kind words! I think the level of documentation is largely due to trying to cover my ass as a first-time modder - if I think hard and research well, and explain those processes clearly enough, it affords a comfortable degree of insulation against embarrassing 'newbie mistakes' :p

Reservoir Mounts Update

Thought Iíd made a quick post this afternoon to show you guys what happened to the mounting clip supplied with the Phobya Reservoir. This is after putting it onto the reservoir once then removing it:

In this shot you can see break occurs right where the connection to the base ends:

Close-up shot of the other side of the clip in sunlight, you can see this side is fracturing too and ready to break in a few places:

I have to wonder if I just got a dud set of mounts or if this is a design flaw? Seems to me that it has to be the later which is a shame given how much I like the Phobya reservoirs. Itís just a piece of plastic worth a few bucks so not a big deal for my build in the longrun, but still itís the kind of small detail that bothers me! I emailed Phobya about the mounting clips a week ago along with pictures and didnít hear back, sent a followup email a few days ago but again nothing. I wonder if the support mailbox is unmanned or if its in the Ďtoo hardí basket?

Iím thinking I might have to design my own reservoir mounts, which might end up being the far cooler option anyway! :)

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