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UPDATE - Reservoir Mount Designs

Thought I might share some shots and detail around my creative process in coming up with alternatives to using the plastic reservoir clips. I'd seen shots of custom made metal reservoir mounts before so thought I'd have a go at figuring it out.

Here's sketches and quick measurements before I left for work:

Took the sketches and played with the design in Solid Edge drafting software to come up with an early template. I printed the template and in the evening reviewed the measurements and took notes on revisions required:

After that I put the page on cardboard, with a cutting board underneath, then cut the design out using a Stanley knife:

I then used some double-sided adhesive tape to stick the cardboard+template together, providing me with a real enough version of the design to test measurements and look/feel:

Testing the look and fit with the reservoir, the finished mounts will hold the top and bottom of the reservoir but this test shows me the length can be reduced by a reasonable amount based on the layout of my build:

That's it for the moment! I'll provide more detail on how the mount secure the res down the track, suffice to say it will secure it nicely :)

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