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Originally Posted by CaidsTech View Post
Mate.. what can't you do? Haha super impressed on this end. Great stuff and agreed with the above, never seen a build thread so interesting!

Edit: Apart from Copie's build blowing up all the time. haha
Haha, big thanks for the vote of confidence Caids! :p

UPDATE - 480mm Radiator Placement

I wasnt happy with the small lip that Id left when modifying the top of the case to fit the 480mm radiator so I drilled the rivets out and cut+filed it off.

Radiator grill reattached, with the small lip of metal no longer visible on the rear/far side. Did a much better job of getting the rivets in cleanly this time too:

Doing some of this stuff solo gets pretty comical at times. Like trying to screw the 480mm radiator in to the top of the case at the same time youre holding it, and 4 fan grills, in place. Dont fool yourselves for a second thinking I was sensible enough to come up with the idea of taping them in place first go :p

Radiator in place:

One of my favourite shots from the build so far, love how this one turned out. Big feeling of satisfaction looking at this pic and thinking I did that! :)

..and to finish this update out, a couple of radiator shots from inside the case resplendent in red! :)

That's all for now - still working through variations on the radiator mount as well as a pump stand, midplate design and VRM LED Logo mod. I've got three papers due in the next three weeks too (fun!) so will have to focus on them a fair bit. With that said I'll still be rewarding myself with breaks throughout to work on the modding :)

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