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Originally Posted by c_hegge View Post
Let us know how that RAM goes. Personally, I've had very bad luck with Corsair RAM.
Originally Posted by CaidsTech View Post
There was a huge issue with Corsair and early Gigabyte X58/P55 chipsets.. Everything is hunky dory now though. =]
Thanks for the info :) I have to say that on more than one system I've had built in the past I've had RAM related issues with BSOD/Resetting. Not with Corsair RAM but annoying enough that I did a fair bit of reading about RAM specs/speed/voltages ahead of this purchase out of paranoia more than anything so I think I've made a pretty safe choice. The Asus website also lists this RAM in its compatibility list with the motherboard which bodes well. We'll see though eh?

Just finished this weekends 2000 word paper. I'm a little tired but overall it wasnt as rough as it could have been - time enough left for that update I reckon :)

UPDATE – Testbenching fun for motherboard tray mod

Since I want the finished case mod to have a really ‘open’ feel to it I’ve been thinking about cutting away some of the motherboard tray. I don’t have any desire to hide my sleeved cables so figured I could remove a reasonable amount of the motherboard tray. I setup something of a testbench to see what kind of space I had to play with.

Won’t be needing these:

I won’t be using the Lund reservoir in this build (Well suggested, Dave!) but wanted to see what kind of space considerations I needed to make if mounting the reservoir to the mb tray.

See the white markings on the tray at the bottom? That rectangular shape is roughly what I’m considering cutting out plus a bit more toward the right edge since I've decided I wont be attaching a reservoir to the motherboard tray. I'll still leave the cable loops on the right intact to help wrangle the GPU power cables though. Would be keen to hear your thoughts :)

Dug out the dusty 8800 Ultra to help build a complete picture:

CPU 8-pin plugged in – with the Corsair 800D case that cable needs to be extended to reach the PSU. They actually provide an extension with the case for that purpose, but you know I can’t stoop to that :p

Something I’m going to have to double-check is the power connectors on the video cards I end up getting. I have a feeling they’re generally an 8+6 connector (feel free to illuminate my understanding!) which will mean with my current sleeving the colours are going to be BBRW-BBR…and since that WOULDN’T BE VERY SYMMETRICAL THE VOICES MIGHT NEED ME TO KILL AGAIN...or I guess I could not do the killing thing and shuffle colours around so it does work. Meh, either way :)


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