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Originally Posted by theSeekerr View Post
I can't see anything compelling about Ivy Bridge on the desktop - at identical clockspeeds there's only a few percent (<10%) performance improvement.
Big thanks for the info :) Seems like a pretty straightforward choice to go the route of the Sandy, made a lot easier by the fact every single review and forum agrees on the facts. I'd be annoyed if Intel re-release the 3770K with solder right after I get a 2700K though :p

Originally Posted by dmandn View Post
Corsair are fine, run them in many customer machines, less of them come back than hyper X and much lower percentage of returns than G.skill and others we sell. Only ones I'd steer clear of are the value series ones. Their vengeance and dominator series are good.
Thanks :) I think it will be fine too so here's to hoping!

UPDATE - RAM Sticker Drafts

Here's a draft design for stickers to go onto the Dominator RAM, replacing the obverse side stock Corsair ones. Once I'm happy with a design and colour scheme I'll do some simpler ones to replace the reverse side too.

I got the idea of numbering the sticks and tried variations of numbering like '1 of 4', '1/4' and '#1' and nothing quite fit right and balanced it out. Eventually put in the 'limited edition' text which balanced the design while being a little quirky so I think it's staying.

Here are the colours it came down to:

I printed them out on standard (dodgy) printer paper so I could cut them out and see how they looked. Remember these are only roughly cut out dodgy printing paper versions, the objective of the exercise was to get a feel for what I liked and didnt like. It came down to the black or white for me and I think I'll ultimately go with the black stickers so they blend in more.

Let me know what you think :)

I'm also looking to buy a scroll saw in the next couple of weeks so that I can cut acrylic/alu myself for some of these designs I'm working on. It's been a little frustrating having about four different designs ready and tested with cardboard/paper cutouts, but not be able to create the real versions. I've got a local acrylics place that can do the cutouts for me but due to turnaround times and cost I really need to get all of them finished and accurate so I can submit them in a batch job.

Have found some eBay places to order alu sheets and 3mm acrylic but also have no idea on whats reasonable for prices. Would I be better off buying this stuff locally? and if so what chains would carry it? My local bunnings didnt last time I asked.

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