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Originally Posted by keano159 View Post
It's been a week with no update, the suspense is killing Saate :lol:
Hah, have finished uni work for the semester now so will be able to focus on this for the next few months :) couple of pics to share tonight, more in the next few days. Also have a few bits of news to share when I can gather my thoughts.

A few nice pics of the CPU heatsink:

Here's the draft midplate design I'm working on. Found it very satisfying that all my measurements on the cardboard translated well into the drafting software :) I think I need to just bite the bullet and send it off to the laser cutter but keep wanting to refine a little more..

Just a dodgy iPhone shot, but thought I'd share an idea for the SSD mounting that's been growing on me. Having the SSDs (the mushkin is just a placeholder) mounted straight down into the midplate so they appear as ominous obelisks. I'd pass the connectors through from underneath and secure them with screwed in concealed mounting behind. Based on tests I could also look at increasing the initial width of the hole so they actually sit a few mil into the midplate. Still thinking, but it'll be something along those lines.

Anyway, more soon folks :)

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