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Default Reservoir Mounts Update

UPDATE - Reservoir Mount Designs

Small update tonight to share the second round of adjustments made on the reservoir mounts I'm making. Since it was a few pages back here's what the first version looked like:

I revised the design a little and shortened the neck so the reservoir will be much closer to the wall which is what I was after. Tested positioning of the holes for the fittings:

Here's what the pieces will look like:

A few more shots from me playing around:

Looking at getting something like a [120W Ryobi Variable Speed Scroll Saw] to cut the designs out of aluminium sheet, although welcome any advice on method/material!

Looking forward to doing some copper pipe work this coming long weekend, and recently had the father-in-law come around and replace all the downlights in our place. I swear it's like a totally new home, I can actually SEE at night instead of fumbling around in the dark. Will help encourage me do a lot more work in the evenings now :)

Bonus pic for tonight - I redesigned some business cards for my brother Tim recently, and while I was at it I thought I'd design some 'fun' ones for another one of my brothers. The result:

He loved them, posted a picture on Facebook and actually had someone ask me "Is that really what your brother does?". I thought for a moment then responded "Yep, ever since they legalised it back in 2006" :)

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