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Originally Posted by Psychotria View Post
They really should fly you over there to make sure there are no errors in communication.
..hey now that's a good idea! :p Koolance/Laing have all been pretty awesome with emails so far.

It's Phobya that have been difficult to talk to. I've been emailing them since the 30th April and following up twice a week and only recently had my first response! They've had some staff turnover issues leading to the customer service mailboxes being unattended, but the response seemed promising so hopefully my latest email gets some attention sometime soon :)

UPDATE Midplate Removal

To get better measurements for my new midplate and measure up space to relocate the hotswap bay I had to drill a number of rivets. Heres how it looked before I started, I put the blanket down so I could put the case on its side without worrying too much about scratches.

Two rivets securing the lower hdd enclosure need to be drilled out, also need to remove those post things sticking up out of the plate.

Six rivets need to be drilled out from the front to release the lower hdd enclosure and midplate:

Lower hdd enclosure removed strangely I thought it would be a single piece like the optical drive and hotswap bays.

Loads of space down below now!

Midplate removed!

Little bit scary looking at the case stripped down so far! There was a time earlier in this build when the thought of removing all this stuff concerned me so much that I briefly entertained the idea of going aircooled instead pffft!

Now that Ive got the midplate out I need to wait and see what Im doing with the pump orientation. Ill definitely still be featuring the circular cutout in the midplate but have a few contingency uses marked out for it if I dont end up using PMP450S there. Well see :)

Here's the latest draft of the midplate, the removed part on the lower-right corner is clearance for the hotswap bay to fit in.

More soon :)

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