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UPDATE - Slimline DVD Mount

Decided to go with the update I'm most interested in at the moment, you'll see why :) First up, though, check out what I got this week - My i7-2700K processor and a Slot-loading slimline dvd drive to stealth include in the build:

Received these at work today too:

After sitting on the idea for a while I finally caved and got myself a scroll saw. Got sick and tired of sitting on all these designs and not being able to do anything about it, that won't be a problem anymore! Need to order some metal + acrylic specific blades for it too, I think from looking online carbatec are the best option I've found so far - any suggestions on those guys?

Out of the box and on the table!

The big reveal:

So as far as mounting a DVD drive inside the 800D case I'd thought, a long time ago, about mounting it on the underside of the case inbetween two legs - hidden away and not needing the big ugly optical drive bay. As the worklog has progressed and I've become more confident I've scrapped that idea - decided it was too ghetto and against the spirit of the build not hiding anything.

Instead, I've decided I'll be mounting the DVD drive sideways with the mouth of the drive facing upwards, accessible through the top of the case. That's right - in addition to the 480mm Radiator there's also going to be a DVD drive up there too :) Yet another thanks to Alain for the inspiration on that one!

I have to admit, when I received the DVD drive the other day I had no idea how the hell I was going to measure it up and make something to hold it. Instead of trying to figure that out I sat down with grid paper, a pen and my trusty digital caliper! I proceeded to measure and note down everything on the drive:

Measuring it up was a really helpful process, it helped put my head in the right place and I started getting ideas on measurements and fittings. The next night I jumped onto Solid Edge and input the measurements from the night before, this is what I ended up with:

I put the real drive on top of the diagram version to check I'd measured correctly, perfect! :) One of the most satisfying things about this build process so far, after the success of the copper pipe hunt, has been learning to draft these diagrams. It feels great when you've measured something up, drafted up plans and discover they're a perfect match with the real thing!

I wasnt able to source the acrylic I wanted on the weekend so grabbed a big sheet of clear 3mm plexi from Bunnings to practice with on the scrollsaw. I attached the mounts I'd designed to a piece and got to cutting:

Wasnt too difficult to do and for a test piece I was pretty happy with the result:

Held it against the DVD drive to check out how it looked/felt - very happy!

That's all for tonight, I've ordered a bunch of acrylic that I'm expecting to arrive this week so should be able to get stuck into more scrollsaw work this weekend. Have been reading up on acrylic cutting methods and saw a good tip that suggested printing the designs onto a4 printer labels which would make the pieces a lot easier to cut.

Let me know if you have any questions/comments/suggestions and especially advice!

Oh, one more thing - I'm just messing with you on the 6 x u2711's - ordered those for our developer machines at work. After showing you guys my triple u2711 setup at the start of the worklog I couldnt resist taking a pic today to post and generate some WTF - hopefully I've had your minds racing, however briefly, about what I was going to possibly do with 9 x u2711s :p

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