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UPDATE - Acrylic, Midplate Work

Hey folks! Has been a busy weekend for me, working entirely on the build so I have a LOT of catching up to do worklog wise. Last weekend I took 180 shots of work I did as well, and then another 280 shots this weekend. Have just finished post-processing and uploading so time to get stuck into story-time eh? :)

Firstly, I picked up a 3TB drive for $164 including postage which was pretty amazing. Was a special via dealsdirect and couldnt resist:

My acrylic order arrived, the stuff looks so great and photographs really well. Here's the order and a few shots of the acrylic:

I'm still waiting on an official response from Laing Thermotech regarding the pump orientation, my contact in their Aussie office has been a top bloke though and is keeping me updated on the wait. The Koolance tech guys have told me in specific terms that the inlet-down orientation is workable, and provided good insight on some of the concerns raised by people earlier. I'm now comfortable with proceeding with it this way but will wait for the response from Laing before I post all the info - I'll need time to digest it first and draft up a "Right to say I told you so" document for Creekin and Moptimus :)

The midplate will have a 3mm acrylic cover attached to the top of it so I made some modifications to allow the pump + bulkhead fittings to connect through:

I couldnt figure out an easy way to cut the new bulkhead fitting holes, I don't have a proper drill (just my dremel) and I'm not sure how available hole saws are for metal? I decided to use one of my worn-down dremel cutting discs and did it the slow way:

Looks really rough, right? but never fear - turned out perfectly after a little attention from the sanding barrels:

I'll show you what I've done with the hotswap bay tomorrow :)

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