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Originally Posted by Creekin View Post
cool thanks for sharing.. :)
true the magnet will hold it in place..i just think it will also be working against gravity more than in any other orientation so may be more likely to "chatter" on the bearing and chip it.
but yea worth a try :D gl :thumbup:
Thanks mate, will still pursue more information but am pretty comfortable to proceed at this stage!

Originally Posted by c_hegge View Post
Haha, nice :p

Originally Posted by mrbean_phillip View Post
Well, if you have a look at the newly released Swiftech ApogeeDrive 2, this is exactly what they're doing, and assuming a fair few of their pumps will sit on motherboards mounted in the normal horisontal desktop configuration, you have the scenario you are after.

I am sure they have conversed with Laing on this matter, and you may want to flick Stephen at Swiftech a note and as about this issue wrt their design? Might get lucky there, but, again, I would say you shuld be ok.
Thanks for throwing that in mate! Big help, will be doing some reading up :)

Originally Posted by BlueRaven View Post
Saate, forget the idea of a swivelling mount... unless you can somehow fit in many inches of extra inlet/outlet tube to accomodate the change in position, which I doubt. I've only ever used 1/2" OD tube, but even if you use 7/16" OD, I reckon it's still not going to be easy to manage. This stuff just does not handle bending or being jammed into small spaces without kinking.

If you really want to proceed with the the arse-about pump idea, make sure you have a large easy-fill res that you can load up with a decent amount of coolant, and a ready hand on the PSU main switch. Cycle and repeat until the loop is fully filled and then deal with the air pockets by putting the whole case through exciting gyrations.
Thanks for the advice, I think you're spot on with the lack of space and flexibility so you might be right about skipping that idea. I'll think more about it anyway in coming days and weeks and see where I get to.

UPDATE - Hotswap Bay

Some of you may remember this shot from my earlier post on the midplate design, for this build I'll be relocating the 3.5" Hotswap bay drive to the lower compartment of the case. In planning I took some measurements on the available space left:

The drive doesn't fit in the lower compartment with the faceplate on, but will need some kind of reinforcing structure there if the faceplate is removed. You can get an idea of the extra width it adds here:

I thought the screws were a little on the dull side, so out they came:

Replaced with MDPC screws, much better :)

That's enough for today, more tomorrow on cuts to make it fit :)

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