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Got my Xperia ZL today and love it.

The bundled MH-EX300AP annoy me a little in that they are 90% of the way to being on par with my AF56m canalphones but have a J-cord design which I love. So now I am torn between using the OEM headphones or my beloved Audiofly ones for day to day use haha

The extra bass that is both clean and not overpowering as well as the slightly more defined range of sound and virtually tangle free cord of the AF56m canalphones will probably keep me from succuming to the J-cord.

Back to the phone the quality of the build is great, the "issues" with the screen appears to me more like people wanting to hate on something. The remote app is freaking sweet. No other way to explain it, I just love it.

The camera..... well macro shots aren't as good as my GSII and night/low light aren't either. However full day light shots and video far exceed the GSII. I hope there are some camera mods in ROMs soon though. Sony really likes to fuck with there cameras for some reason. Every other company seems to be able to code them better. Especially apple within a year or two whatever sensor the flagship sony was using, it ends up in an iphone taking far better shots.

The walkman app is great and the ability to use my UD100 USB DAC is fantastic and am loving this phone from a media point of view.

All in all love it and will report back with more once I have spent more time with it.
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