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Had little play last night with some DDR4 learn t few things

All temps about -50 on the memory's as im having some much humidity problems atm as soon as I go colder whole board freezes up

Cpu -40 memory's -50 all subs mainly auto,light test and should get trcd tighter with more cold on the memory's.Note booting the big blck strap and high memory strap seems to have that third rtl run loose 47 should be 45,so i guess a lose of efficiency there

Everything the same on this one apart from couple tighter subs and 1x uncore notch up so uncore was 46XX so from 4524 uncore to under 47 uncore it gained 700ms boost as this time look as it was going to be a 18.5XX,still had uncore volts low so maybe why it failed 1.3 was as high as I went.Note the bad third rtl as well
As you can also see on this one I also hit start of 32m straight after CW that was a accident

So this one was a cl9 boot in and cpu on water a memory -50,3140Mhz @ cl9,note the tight rtls,not only did I fix the loose third rtl I gained a tighter second rtl ,had to shut board down before I even had a chance to even test this one as i lost all usb usages from humidity

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