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I regularly update this post to reflect the current specs of my computer.

Current best Firestrike = 21115

Fractal Design Nano S, Corsair CS550M PSU.

Asus Z270i STRIX.

256GB 950 Pro M.2, Win 10 Pro.

7700K @ 5.3GHz(benching) 5.1GHZ(24/7) 5.1GHz@ 1.36v, 50C loaded. I can hit 5.4GHz with the CPU with very low ambients ( I take the computer outside when outdoor temps are in single digits ).

Gigabyte 1080 Extreme Gaming Waterforce WB @ 2177/5500 (24/7) Temps only ever exceed 40 in benching, and even then, not often and only just.
The highest I've managed to complete a Firestrike run on is 2009/6000, but that was with very low ambients, and the GPU running @ 13C.
I could do a lot better if Nvidia hadn't locked down the volts on Pascal. I have a massive amount of headroom, but no volts..

16GB TridentZ c17-3733 @ c12-4000(benching, 1.8v) c12-3600(24/7, 1.6v)

Alphacool Light Tower, Alphacool Vario D5 with V3 Plexi top, White Raystorm Pro, XSPC EX280. Clear EK 1/2" tubing with EK Pastel White coolant.

3x 1500 RPM Noctua Redux on the rad (no room for the 4th )
Those and the 80mm 1800 RPM Noctua Redux RAM fan are painted white.
Rear exhaust is a Fractal 120mm case fan.

4x 2TB 2.5" Barracudas (this varies, I shuffle HDD's around among PC's ) on the back of the mobo panel, along with a Silverstone 8 way PWM hub which runs all fans except the rear case fan (3x 1500 rad fans and 1x 1800 ram fan). As a result, I have no clue how fast the ram fan actually runs at, but the bottom line is 'fast enough'.. The pump and single case fan are on the remaining two headers on the board, independently controlled. The pump is actually not controlled at all, it is set at 2 at the pump (1-5) and remains constant.

Also fitted are a couple of Bitspower RGB LED strips running off the Asus mobo's Aura lighting feature. The Gigabyte GPU has its own set of RGB controls, and the Raystorm has white LEDs to highlight the plumbing.

There are various lighting effects for both the Aura lighting and the GPU lighting, but I like the basic green, with the white LEDS on the CPU and the red on the GPU, without the flashing lights. I settled on this pretty quickly and don't plan to change it, but the neutrality of the unlit colours means I could choose any colour lighting I want and it would work well.

A lot of shit in a small case, but still pretty easy to work on

Don't mess with me. I can hurt you so fast you won't even feel it.

My Rig- Asrock AB350 Fatal1ty ITX,
R7 1700, 32GB LPX 2666, 512GB 960 Pro, Asus Phoenix GTX 1060 3GB

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