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An update on mine.

Fractal Design Nano S, 7700K @ 5.2GHz, Gigabyte 1080 Extreme Gaming Waterforce WB @ 2177/5454, 16GB TridentZ @ C15-4000, Alphacool Light Tower, Alphacool Vario D5 with V3 Plexi top, Raystorm Pro, Asus Z270i STRIX, XSPC EX280 with 3x 1500 RPM Noctua Redux (no room for the 4th ), 950 Pro M.2, 4x 2TB 2.5" Barracudas, Corsair CS550M PSU, and a couple of Bitspower RGB LED strips running off the mobo's Aura lighting feature.

A lot of shit in a small case, but still pretty easy to work on

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My Rig

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