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For your newly created notebook category in which I'll probably be the only entrant

bennyg - 6700K - 4.6Ghz/4.2Ghz - stock voltage (adaptive) loads ~1.30V - Clevo P870DM-G - Gskill Ripjaws 2666MHz @ 18-18-18-43 (2x16Gb SODIMM) - bone stock heatsink/heatpipe config, delid + Conductonaut above & below IHS

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Daily clocks. Loads of volt and temp headroom to go higher but even at x47 I get SA ICCMax throttle which shaves hundreds of MHz off core + cache and sends scores through the floor and I have no way to address this even with Premamod system BIOS ... the stock Clevo BIOS and vBIOS locks everythingggg down in terms of power limits and can barely fully load a stock 6700K... yet they design it with componentry that can handle a sustained 150W+ to the CPU and 600W+ total system power draw they joys of notebook compromises

Cache x42 -150mV, SA -170mV, I/O -160mV too btw it's tuned as far as it'll go, RAM plays funny can't even change one setting (even raising voltage to 1.25V) without a no POST...
P370EM3940XM@4.3Ghz - 32Gb DDR3 - LG 1080p 120Hz - retrofitted TDP modded 1070 MXM SLI
still in bits: P870DM-G 6700K delid+LM @4.5GHz 1.185V - 32Gb DDR4-2666CL18 - 4K QFHD 17" - 980M SLI @1376/2950/1.06V
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