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1184cb - AstinGC90 - i7 7700K - 5.4Ghz @ 1.56v - Aorus-Z270x-G5 - Corsair Vegeance 3200 14 16 16 35 2T @ 1.43v - Custom EK Water. Screenshot

This is an old run that needs cleaning up. Ram clocks are a mess and to much volts but will do for now. Also what do you guys recommend for a good RAM kit, this kit isn't really getting the scores I'd like. Is the G.Skill 19-19-19-39 4266 kit the best atm?
I7-7700K Delided 5.2/4.8 1.42v daily OC, EKWC Hard Tube, 360mm rad x2 UV Blue, 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3.2Ghz, Aorus Z270X-G5, SamEVO500GB, 8TB, FractalDefineS, CorsairAX1200, 2 x Gigabyte GTX 1080ti EKWB 2050/12000 SLi. AsusPG279Q 165Hz, LogiG510S, LogiG502Proteus, LogiZ906, ATHM50X. Rig Pic
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