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I'm re-opening this thread earlier than I intended to introduce a couple of new this-thread-only rules:
  • From now on, this thread will have an "AMD-only discussion" rule. This means that you will only talk about AMD and AMD's products. This means pointless broad posts like "NVidia is better" or "AMD will never make anything decent" is banned. You are still allowed to make basic comparative reference to other companies and brands, eg: "I think AMD are still giving NVidia a run for their money" would be allowed, but "I think AMD will never beat NVidia" would not. When comparing products, "AMD's xxxxx GPU is similar in performance/features to NVidia's xxxxx GPU" is allowed, but broader "NVidia's Pascal/Volta tops all of Vega" type posts are not allowed. Same goes for pro-AMD posters, as it's a two-way street.
  • The second rule being imposed as a "if you haven't got anything good to say, then say nothing at all" rule. Want to slag off AMD or NVidia? Here's your ban. Want to call people in this thread a die-hard fanboy? Here's your ban. The same goes for pro-AMD posters. People like and align themselves to different brands and products - fact of life. Some will switch camps, most will not. Nothing you say will change that. Deal with it.

TL;DR: The thread is now about constructive discussion about AMD's Vega GPU. We don't care that there might be something with better specs or features out there. We don't care that there might be something with better dollar value out there. Fanboy or not, this thread is about AMD Vega, not NVidia Volta or anything else.
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