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Originally Posted by Bearz
American ones also has a lot less give in terms of the distance it moves and feels like you have you have to push a bit harder for it to register.
Yup, Japanese sticks are far more sensitive. You have to be a bit rougher with US sticks. I used to be a huge fan of US sticks, but for some reason just changed in the last year. Maybe I'm getting old and weak and can't push the US sticks around as easily as I once did as a young sprout.

Originally Posted by Bearz
Button-wise i can't really tell the difference (not that i know), but i prefer the ones with a curve so your fingers can sit nicer..
They're all curved. The Happ Horizontals (old Competition) are concave (curved inwards), and the new Happ Competition and Sanwa 30mm's are curved outwards (convex).
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