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Pictures time! Clicky-clicky for bigger images.

Fist off, my 3S arrived from Play-Asia on Friday. Pretty zippy. Cost me around $60 to get it to my door in under a week. Happy with that. Along side it was my one of my previous shmup purchases - the very awesome Mushihime Sama ("Insect Princess").

And 3S on my 80cm (31") "fishbowl" CRT TV. (No, I don't have the money for a plasma - besides, a CRT TV looks more like an arcade monitor. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it ):

Currently playing on standard pads (yuck yuck yuck) until I get my cabs up and working.

Next up, two of my cabs. Currently the left is a MAME cab with a 21" 31+KHz (VGA/SVGA) monitor. The right is a JAMMA arcade cab with 26" 15KHz (CGA/arcade) monitor.

The plan is to do a total rearrange - my Dreamcast (off to the right where you can't see it) is going in the 21" VGA cab, as it can output native VGA (and looks bloody superb, just quietly). That will be for "Marvel vs Capcom 2", "Capcom vs SNK 2", "Soul Blade", and "Virtua Fighter 3". I can also play all of my Dreamcast shmups on there too, like Gigawing 2, Ikaruga, Shikigami no Shiro II, etc.

Then the JAMMA cab will have a new and improved MAME box with proper low-res output via AdvanceMAME+Linux. More importantly, I've hacked up a SCART cable for my PS2, and with a bit of pullup circuitry I can now connect my PS2 directly to the arcade monitor. The picture is so bloody clear it makes your hair stand on end. Once my Sanwa joysticks and buttons arrive I'll by building a brand new control panel for it, and it will house my PS2 with 3S ("Street Fighter III: Third Strike" for the non-fighters), Tekken5, and my entire collection of crazy Japanese shmups (Mushihime Sama, E.S.P. Galuda, Ibara, Homura, Zanac X Zanac, etc). I'm keen as mustard to the PS2 release of the Street Fighter Alpha collection too. That will be a nice addition.

I've purchased some JAMMA fingerboards for easy connection and disconnection of hardware. I'm going to rip apart two PS2 pads and wire them into the arcade joysticks and buttons via this connector. That also means that I can at any time continue to plug real arcade boards into the cabinet.

And finally, the GameDude shop floor, where all the candies come out to play:

In that photo are (listing fighting games only) Marvel Super Heros (CPS2 arcade system), Final Fight (CPS1 arcade system), TMNT (unique hardware), Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (CPS1), Street Fighter Alpha 3 (CPS2) and XMen vs Street Fighter (CPS2). Building quite a good collection of arcade hardware and game boards/systems there.

I'm saving my pennies for at least 2 candies. I want one in "yoko" (horizontal) mode for fighting games, and one in "tate" (pronounced "tah-tay", short for "tateru" meaning rotated) for vertical shmups.

A fun hobby for sure, but it gets expensive quickly. But what hobby doesn't?

Oh, and for those who ask - the blue cabinet above was bought off eBay. The monitor chassis was busted bad (blown caps, broken trace, etc) so I had a mate fix that for me (I'm not brave enough to play with monitors - 20,000 volts can kill you or throw you across a room and break lots of bones). The CP (Control Panel) was very ugly, and the joysticks were busted. Not that I care, because I'd planned to refurbish it with new controls from day one anyway.

The black MAME cab was a scratch-build. See the worklog here:

Click the "images" link for all the goodies.

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