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Smile Who wants a free LCD version 2.0

So work was scrapping a quantity of 16x2 backlit character LCD's. I nabbed a pile of them because I hate seeing perfectly good components thrown in the bin.

Since I have way more than I need, I'm happy to give the rest away so people can make good use of them.

They're Powertip PC1602-K character LCD's. Datasheet is here

They use a KS0066U controller, which is HD44780 compatible, so there's thousands of examples for interfacing them to everything on the net.

They're physically a very small display, suitable for displaying very small text

They have a 16 pin FFC connector on them.

Here's some crap pics, for size comparison that's a AA battery...

If you want a couple, send me an email at . I'll reply with my postal address.

Send a stamped, self addressed Size 0 padded envelope to my address (inside another envelope) Postage of $1.50 has so far proved adequate for most areas. Put a note in the envelope saying how many LCD's you want, otherwise I have to go trying to match postal addresses / real names with emails, which has proved problematic. Check with your post office if you're somewhere remote.,,2257,00.jpg

If you just want LCD's, I'll whack them in the envelope and post them back.

Additional stuff:

If you want a breakout board, to interface to your LCD, you can purchase one through BatchPCB, via this link...

You can then purchase an FFC cable :

and connector :

A couple of notes:

Yes, I have permission from work to take them.

No I didn't pay for them, so I'm not selling them, I'm giving them away.

They are brand new.

No I won't give you tech support for them, they're provided as is, with no warranty or guarantee.

There's no catch, I'd rather see them put to good use than binned, and if it lowers the cost of entry for someone to discover enbedded programming or electronics then that's cool.

I don't want this to turn out like the free stuff thread where people were grabbing stuff (like microchip samples etc) with no intention of using it. Don't abuse it basically.

I'll give preference to people who either frequent this forum, so I'll know they use them, or reply with an indication that they have got a use for them, even if it's something simple, or for learning.

There's plenty to go around, but I won't send any one person more than 3 without a good reason.

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