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Originally Posted by xsive View Post
Mostly Canberra. There is a decent market in Belconnen and a smaller one in Woden on Sunday mornings. I recently moved to Sydney though so I'd like to hear about local flea markets here too

EDIT: I did find some cool stuff on the odd occasion I went to Sydney in the past. Last year, for example, I visited a few GameTraders stores and found a nice compilation pack of Ultima I + II + III for $2. Another time I picked up CIB copy of Alien Soldier for my Mega Drive; a much sought after title from Treasure. Only 10 bucks
Ah fair enough. I still haven't visited Canberra so might be worth a trip to check it out as well as those markets

Wow, those are awesome deals. Which gametraders store did you go to? I rang the Parramatta one today actually and asked a price for a NES. $150
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