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Originally Posted by fcyde View Post
I haven't had the ethernet drop for 12 hours or so now

I changed the network adapter duplex to 100mbs Full Duplex... I don't want to speak too soon, but its looking better. Not sure why though.
speed/duplex issues can be caused by a few things.

- dodgy cable.
Gigabit needs all 8 wires to be working perfectly, 100Mb FD uses only 4 (and at lower speed, so is more resilient to problems). I know you've tried swapping cables, but if they're hand made they both might be bad, or both from a dodgy batch from a manufacturer.

- dodgy equipment
back in the dark ages the standards around auto-negotiating speed and duplex were poor and often both the switch/router and PC would never quite agree, but honestly this hasn't been a thing for over a decade so I doubt that's the case unless there's a weird firmware issue on either the PC or switch/router.
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