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Originally Posted by Mathuisella View Post
The trick for those ships is to stay with the herd..... herbavore tactics of safety in numbers.....

Don't venture out on your own and use ap Armour piercing rounds
Finding it annoying how only the destroyers are moving off at the start, everyone else just seems to go into a corner and just do circles, 'Hiving' they are calling it. Half the time they just let them enemy team cap the flag. Boats should get damage for going out of bounds, still to many people riding the rails, especially carriers.

Originally Posted by GTR27 View Post
I'm on WOW NA server (it was the only option?)

I started on NA but had some lag spike issues, switched to SEA and found it much better, 40-80 ping and just as many players although the games have less general chit chat. (not always a bad thing)
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