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Originally Posted by Mad Mike View Post
Interesting. I gave my dog garlic for 7 years and he never had flees, not once. An interesting coincidence.
My parents never gave their dog garlic and it never got fleas. Another coincidence? They didn't use flea treatments either. I think they were just lucky.

For my two dogs I use Advantix for fleas and Intercepter for Heartworm.

I buy from http://www.petproductsontheweb.com.au/ they are the cheapest I've found and even though their site looks heaps dodgy they've never failed to deliver. Been using them for the past year.

Can anyone suggest a cheaper option which works just as well as the Advantix / Intercepter combination?

I asked my vet about valuheart and she said while it is probably fine she doesn't recommend it (she doesn't recommend against it either). She said the only reason was that she places more trust in the bigger brands attempting to protect their reputation if anything ever goes wrong. She said they once had a dog with liver failure which they suspected was related to a bad batch of tablets. The company completely covered the cost of the dog's recovery and ensured that any safety concerns relating to the batch was checked (turned out it wasn't the tablets in the end but the company still paid for it all).

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