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Old 24th April 2012, 3:51 PM   #16
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Originally Posted by PsychoSmiley View Post
It's still nice to dream. We spend so long engrossed in our favorite games that we take some ownership of them in some way indirectly. While it may not be possible to for people to come up with a fresh idea, it's possible for many to evolve something that is pre-existing in some way.
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Originally Posted by Troast View Post
Rubberband you have good ideas, but they are too complicated and the features too advanced for modern games. It just won't be made.

Most games are simplifying what you can do and the freedom given to the player, because they are more accessible to a wider audience if more people feel comfortable playing them. Its also a lot easier to do.

The only way a game that big in scale and scope could be made now is if it was done by Blizzard/Activision and they cancelled WoW, Diablo 3 and all other projects just to work on something like that and dedicate the infrastructure and support it would require. No other game company in the world has the resources or budget available IMO.
Beg to differ.

They are all based on existing games just extrapolated into new genres or expanded.

All of the concepts are easily hidden behind simple game mechanics.

Besides, whose saying these can't be indie games without AAA graphics?

Originally Posted by zbone View Post
Not really. Salvage = discreet components like a laser, power generator, etc. I've put up more info from the design brief.
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Originally Posted by hawpinghaxbag View Post
Another PC only xwing/tie fighter simulator with good online multiplayer, starfighters and ships from the orginal trilogy of course. id pay $300 for this, prolly more
Same here. Few years back I saw quite advanced modification made by fans that brought ported XW/TF on modern engine.
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Old 24th April 2012, 3:56 PM   #19
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Daemon Ex: Penguin Revolution
An opengl game with Linux as its main platform, basically a clone of DX:HR but with Tux as the protagonist. You start out as a normal penguin, but over the course of the story you get upgraded with binary blobs and proprietary software. The blobs offer quick-return advantages but slow your long-term progress and can prevent access to certain areas for arbitrary reasons (eg. fglrx eye mod prevents you from healing via hibernation if your natural leg strength is over a certain value). After fighting some heavily augmented bosses like WindowsGuy and OSXCat you find the resources to make all software open-source, but you have a decision whether you can make it free/permissive (risking it closing back up into proprietary software), free/copyleft (risking it being abandoned by users), or sending everything to The Cloud, giving an ideal user experience but ending individuality.
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Old 24th April 2012, 4:18 PM   #20
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Originally Posted by spootmonkey View Post
I'm aware of it and hope for more info to be released as I check up on it every so often. Old Syndicate has a void which needs to be filled.
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