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Old 26th April 2012, 7:41 AM   #31
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2x SSD's

One for OS, other for games and big apps. Forget RAID with SSD's

HDD's in RAID-1 for data storage.
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Originally Posted by LostBenji View Post
2x SSD's

One for OS, other for games and big apps. Forget RAID with SSD's

HDD's in RAID-1 for data storage.
I used to do something similar;

Went from

2x120gb ssd's raid 1(OS & games)

2x2tb HDD's raid 1(storage & games)+60gb kingston SSD intel SRT caching

Speeds were great for everything but managing two seperate raid volume's along with having no spare sata slots for future upgrades sucked. Tbh it was pretty inefficient as I didnt notice any speed increase going from a single 120gb ssd to raid 1.

upgraded to:

4x2tb HDD's raid 5(OS+apps+games+storage)+120gb intel 520 ssd cache

Bought the extra 2tb HDD's with the money from selling the extra ssds which also freed up sata slots, speed is virtually the same but I have 3.63tb space available, it's also awesome being able to install everything to C:/ and not worry about space at all.
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