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Old 14th September 2017, 9:12 PM   #1
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Default Stream Audio from Windows 10.

Hi OCAU'ers.

I though I'd start in this forum.
I have connected up a Windows 10 laptop to my TV as a sort of HTPC.

If I play a video in (say) VLC, is it possible to stream the audio over my LAN so I can listen to my TV on my iphone/ipad (that also has VLC) as an audio stream.


Is there a better/easy (pref free-ware) way to send all audio from my PC to iPad.

I used to have wireless headphones but the kids broke them 8-( and wifeee is complaining about me having the TV up too loud when she is trying to work....

Thanks OCAU'ers!!!!!
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Old 14th September 2017, 9:19 PM   #2
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set up a server (uPNP maybe?)
then access the audio that way with a suitable app

You might be able to split the audio somehow and direct that to the server?

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