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Old 15th January 2017, 9:13 AM   #16
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Can you install HWInfo64 and run Sensors? Then post the results - it'll show voltages, temps etc. Can be of good help with hardware issues.
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Old 15th January 2017, 6:44 PM   #17
xHardz Thread Starter
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temporary image hosting

The report was massive, was that the section you were after?

Other Temps;
GPU: 40-45
HDD: 34

Its probably mid 20's in the room atm.

Thanks for all the replies! Starting to look like a PSU issue. I posted on the Asrock forum too and they seemed to have similar thoughts.
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Old Yesterday, 8:09 AM   #18
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The 12v rails dont look to good, the min and max have to much of a difference. E.g. whats considered stable is 12.10v and it dropping down to 12.05 - 11.95v , some peeps allow for more of a drop, but the less of a voltage drop, would equate to less noise, better stability etc. The 5v rail dont seem to bad.

Run the system in idle for a while with HW monitor open for about 5mins, run a stress test program to see what the voltage drop is (take a screen shot as you did in the above post and post it here, after running the stress program for 5 mins or so). Or can do the above, but instead of a Prime95/Linx play a game, that way you'd get max current draw on the psu and it should show its true colours.

Best of luck mate.
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Old Today, 4:56 PM   #19
xHardz Thread Starter
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I was away for the weekend and the PC went into sleep mode and came out fine. Sunday arvo/monday were ALOT cooler than it had been and there were no restarts.

Today is a return to the heat and I have just had a restart while browsing/idle. Ran R6:Siege for about 15 minutes to get the below results.

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