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Old 15th September 2017, 9:22 PM   #1681
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Yea, I know how email works

In every environment we've run for long enough to sort shit out, I have confidence in Outlook/Exchange sync. This is a new env, where we have a lot of stupidity to undo.

What I really need to underscore here is that yes, we will investigate, explain, and if possible resolve, issues with your email client. However... dear user, you will not raise a compliance breach for a system which you have placed entirely incorrect expectations on.
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Old 17th September 2017, 10:25 PM   #1682
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Originally Posted by QuakeDude View Post
Anyone here had much experience with Palo Altos TRAPS AV product? It doesn't look like its got an inbuilt firewall like the existing Symantec product we're using.. We've just kicked off a trial to evaluate it, but I'd be keen to hear from anyone who's actually using it.
Yes, and its not an AV product. It doesn't replace conventional anti-virus/malware software. If you were looking at deploying it I would use some POS AV product (like SCEP, or whatever is cheapest) and Traps. But not Traps alone.
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