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Old 12th October 2017, 8:21 PM   #1
vearing89 Thread Starter
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Default Amd wraith?

Hey all!
Just a question quickly
I've recently decided to upgrade my AM3 platform to a shinny new AM4 1600 on a asus b350 strix. My question is that I already have the AM3 wraith and it fits the AM4 socket, is it worth me using that over the wraith spire? As the AM3 wraith was originally designed for a much higher tdp chip.

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Old 13th October 2017, 5:44 PM   #2
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I'd stick with the one that comes with the ryzen. Its good enough to start with, and no potential fitment issues.

If you want more cooling, get a hold of a better AIO or watercooling setup (unless you're keen for huge noise)
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Old 15th October 2017, 6:37 AM   #3
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the wraith is the copper based one with heatpipes? i,m not sure what comes with the 1600 but from memory it is just the basic cooler so i think the wraith s long as it makes good die coverage would be better...test them both and choose

otherwise yeah a cheap 120 mm aio watercooler will easily tame it i have one on my daughter 1600x
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Old 15th October 2017, 7:00 AM   #4
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Get a noctua before some pos all in one water cooler. Especially if you want silence and reliability.

The stock ryzen is a good cooler and I would use it. Its fan seams quieterthe the old wraith.
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Old 15th October 2017, 3:00 PM   #5
vearing89 Thread Starter
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yeah the old wraith is the one with the copper baseplate and heat pipes, which wasn't too loud on the FX series, but i've already got a H80i V2 i just need to get a mounting bracket, which Umart was currently sold out of sadly.

As for noctua, i've looked at them, and performance aside i generally hate the colour I did look into Cryorig or Bequiet but i wasn't sure on their compatibility.
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