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Old 13th September 2017, 11:11 AM   #1
SimpleJoe Thread Starter
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Default Screen Tearing

I have had no end of problems with what i assume are graphics card issues, i bought a windforce OC R9 290 (non-x) 3 years ago when i first built my computer and after roughly a year and a half i sent it to be RMA'd because of massive artifacting while hot (basically from a cold start i would get 5 minutes before it would start playing up and when hot i wouldn't be able to reach the windows logon screen). Gigabyte apparently found nothing wrong with the card but they offered me a replacement for the cost of shipping and offered me a 2 month warranty (the card they sent back was actually a 290x so i didn't mind the extra price). But now the card has started to play up as well, ranging from flickers every couple of seconds (video below) to full lock ups that require a restart. the problem is very intermittent and inconsistent. Sometimes i am able to play AAA titles for 4 hours and not get anything but other times i can just have word and a couple of chrome tabs open and go into full meltdown.

Has anyone experienced anything like this, is this a GC problem or should i be looking elsewhere?

also I am using Radeon Software Version: 17.7.2


EDIT: The video link above is not working for me so the vimeo link is:
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Good evening, SimpleJoe.

What temperature is your graphics card typically idling at? What about temps under load? It looks like a hardware issue rather than anything driver/software related.

Have you tried a different display cable and monitor? Perhaps a TV?

I've seen a few mid range and high range Radeon 200 series cards with silly issues similar to this.

Does your computer suffer from application crashes or blue screens of death? What is the output rating of your power supply?

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have you got on board graphics? any chance of just using this for a few days (i know you wont be able to game) but if everything is steady sailing on the onboard graphics at least its fairly easy to assume the GPU is starting to go cactus again.
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card, graphics, screen, tearing

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