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Old 15th December 2016, 2:00 PM   #46
sonicthemouse Thread Starter
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Originally Posted by shane41 View Post
I'd be worried about theft / loss / damage / catastrophic events / flood & fire.
Some of the guys here know effort I've put in collecting.

You can only do it once. They are too expensive to buy these parts again.
So yes as a History of Computers idea hang onto them & run /cycle these machine. That museum will be possible one day.

462 for life........show me
Yeah I am vaguely worried about theft/disaster but try explaining how old computers/video games can be considered "collectables" to the insurance mob... the last time I asked they wanted a professional valuation... valuers had no idea what I was going on about

I'll get to 462 in good time. I have a vague idea where that rig is, although I think I sold my top end one (Gigabyte board with 4x DDR400 dual channel, Athlon 3200+). Think the one I have left is the 2400+...

Originally Posted by Flamin Joe View Post
There's no hard and fast rule as to what size HDD's (or RAM for that matter) were used since a lot of these CPU's were still being produced in systems for a good 10 years. 8088 - Early 80's to late 80's, 286 - early 80's to early 90's, 386 - Mid 80's to early 90's, 486 - late 80's to mid 90's. So it's not surprising to find early variants of these systems having minimal HDD/RAM capacity or even using older technology, for example RLL/MFM drives in early 386's and IDE in later models.

It's nothing like today where you are pratically changing CPU sockets as often as you change your underwear.
Yeah this is true - it gives me the shits with Intel changing every other week. The worst was towards the end of the 775 era where 775 could still be a serious gaming rig, but 1366 and 1156 were also available, and none of the bloody coolers fit on any other sockets

Still, I'm surprised to hear there was that much variation - I've never seen a RLL/MFM drive in a 386. But it does make sense

Originally Posted by Groff View Post
My XT back in the mid-late 80's had a hardcard in it.
Slot in ISA card that was 10MB from memory.

Bit like today's PCIe SSD. My how times have changed and yet some things are still similar.
Interesting, from Wikipedia: "their first Hardcard had a 10 megabyte (MB) capacity; its suggested retail price was $1,095"

LOL WAT. I realise everything was a lot more expensive back then but WOW.

And yeah, things go in waves, we started with big servers and dumb terminals / VDUs, then we had powerful desktop PCs at every desk, then there were Wyse terminals and we were back to centralised processing power, and then those sort of faded out in favour of Brix / NUC, but there is still more and more capability for distributed computing power through cloud server services...

Originally Posted by elvis View Post
If you want to test out DOS games in a browser before you go to the effort of buying/installing them:

Thanks for the heads up - could come in handy - but in general I don't mind the effort

Originally Posted by Flamin Joe View Post
I've got one of those hardcard's except it's a later model so not XT compatible unfortunately. Hardcard II Plus if I recall correctly, 16 bit ISA and can't be used as a boot drive as it requires a device driver. It was more designed to be an extra hard drive for systems which didn't have space for another drive inside the case.

Pretty nifty, VERY long card and the drive is suprisingly slim (which it has to be) for that era.
Hm, another Hardcard owner in the same thread, that has to be some kind of OCAU record

I might have to hunt one down for one of these rigs but I worry that if I start hunting down every cool bit of random retro tech that takes my fancy, my funds will deplete even more severely

Originally Posted by Flamin Joe View Post
Buying? Once a pirate, always a pirate.
Originally Posted by elvis View Post
I'm at a point in my life where I'm trying to undo my past naughtiness.

I quite like buying old games. Right now, the effort in getting old games working is more around licensing than anything else. I hate the idea that some software is lost to time, and if I spend a few bucks on an old game (even if I never play it again, but did in the past), I at least know I'm sending a message to current license holders and publishers that it's worth their time to dig up these old games and make the effort to keep them in circulation.

I've "unpirated" a number of games in the last few years. And again, some I've never played since buying them, but I'm at least a little happier knowing that I've paid for them at some point, even if it wasn't the full retail price back when it was released.
I'm on the fence with this. My current philosophy is that if the content I want is:
a) easily accessible
b) reasonably priced and
c) does not have insane DRM issues
then I'll buy it.

I have also gone back and legitimized a lot of my video game library (EB was selling PS2 stuff for like $5 a game for a few years there so it wasn't exactly an expensive undertaking )

Most current games that I want, I wait a few months and buy on Steam sales so the developers can keep making good titles.

My current gripe is with subscription-based streaming TV and movie services. Tried netflix for a while, but there was no James Bond. And only Mission Impossible 3, no 1 or 2. And no Fast & Furious. I refuse to have to subscribe to multiple services to access the content I want, and I also don't like the idea of paying for the "use" of something (streaming) in general, I would rather pay $2.99 for Mission Impossible 1 as a download than $10 a month for unlimited streaming...

Thing is with the old games, at the time all the stuff I was playing was almost all shareware. So I never had 2nd/3rd episodes of games or extra levels past the shareware inclusions.

To stay true to the era, I think they probably should be the shareware versions back on there, but I also wouldn't mind having the complete versions of all the games

Originally Posted by elvis View Post
And as I've said before too, just because games are old, doesn't make them bad or unplayable. There's a whole generation of kids now who've never played these, and can find just as much joy playing them for the first time today as we did when we were kids.
+1 to this 100% agree upvote etc

In fact, in my opinion, a lot of the older games are actually better games than the current offerings. Sure, they're dated, but conceptually there was a lot more creativity back then, to some extent they were more challenging and had better replay value, and also (at least from my experience) there were a lot more really good games, and a lot less shovelware and junk released to make an extra few $ (Cull of Dooty 27, anyone? Buttlefield 194222219889?)

And developers were supporting the community and adding cool features like LAN play, and making dedicated server exe's available, rather than restricting LAN play, having stupid DRM blocks and forcing people to use shitty matchmaking bullshit
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Old 23rd December 2016, 6:42 PM   #47
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Is anyone driving from Sydney to Melbourne in the next year?

I have an IBM 8513 CRT to give Sonic, but I have no economical way to get it to him.
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