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Old Yesterday, 10:08 PM   #24916
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Originally Posted by NSanity View Post
why are HP sans so shit?
I can't explain why they're shit, but if businesses are anything like the $LARGE_FINANCE place I worked for, HP SANs were bought purely because the CIO and IT manager got golf days and boozy lunches. True story.

I was told that we had to buy HP stuff, because "we were a HP shop". Yet when I proved to them that migrating their very large finance app from HP-UX to RHEL-x86 on the most expensive C-class blade servers I could spec with the best hardware and software support options I could find (read: the most expensive) would save them millions per year, I got nowhere precisely because I was saving money, and the cronyism wouldn't accept it.

Pretty disgusting for a "not-for-profit". One of the many reasons I walked out the door.
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Originally Posted by wintermute000 View Post
Describe the operation of 802.3 and understand how ethernet networks operate (at layer 2 - forget TCP/IP) and the evolution from hubs to switched networks.

If you can't then you might as well read it for yourself.

The meme is actually incorrect, there's no token behaviour in Luke's, er, 'proposal', but it is a ring which basically doesn't exist in ethernet topologies outside of specialised scenarios due to how sh1tty and inefficient ring topologes are in 802.3 and all specialised scenarios are due to physical constraints
- Mining (underground cable runs)
- Metro ethernet topologies

And then theres a bunch of crappy mostly proprietary solutions to make rings less sh1tty. And anyone who has any kind of alternative uses switching with STP or modern all-paths-forwarding overlay solutions whether MAC-in-MAC (TRILL, SPB, fabricpath) or MAC-in-IP (VXLAN).

I'll do you a favour, here is an old but good article. Its old because this issue is done and dusted and settled by minds far smarter than our resident borderline genius.

re: agile, haven't heard grumblings from a large account re: directives from the top for infrastructure planning to be 'agile'. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ok good luck guys
I was talking about his aws post....
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