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Originally Posted by drunkntigr View Post
either way have just purchased kaspersky and symantec - cheap these days for multiple pcs.
Are you installing both on each PC ???? (the 4x ???? is just to annoy Mace on page 2 )

Originally Posted by Mace View Post
4 question marks, really?
Habit. And being old enough to remember when Defender was dogshit.
Win 7 i used Security Essentials, which had to be manually installed, the original Defender in Win 8 was pretty ordinary i believe (didn't use Win 8 for very long) but now days there is not much wrong with Defender in my opinion, so no need for anything else, and if i did install aftermarket AV software like some other people do, i would probably be calling myself, and others, very Paranoid.

For those who try to install Addon Virus software, it will usually disable Defender, has always disabled itself whenever i have tried doing it (for testing purposes)

I even stopped installing my multiple Malwarebytes licenses on family computers now that they all have Win 10 installed, just run Defender, and i have never had 1 single issue on any of them yet.

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