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Originally Posted by Doc-of-FC View Post
Cisco-ASA# mount: mounting /dev/hdb1 on /mnt/disk1 
failed: No such device or address
External Compact Flash failed to mount!
ASA must be reloaded to correct this error!
ugh, has anybody else got a spare FAT16 CF card....... *crickets*

Made in USA CF card refuses to work in ASA
Made in China CF card works a charm

<Insert Made in the USA jingle>
I've got some 512MB and 1GB cards that work in my 5505. They aren't Cisco branded (Verbatim and Sandisk) and pretty sure I formatted them using Windows, or maybe the ASA itself.

Edit: I'm in Deakin.
Never argue with an idiot!
They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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Originally Posted by Diode View Post
Hotdesking... I hate the thought of it. If there is one way to make staff feel temporary and unsettled then this would be it. If some of the reasoning behind it is agile then one part of agile is that it's not just about being able to have quick self-organising teams, but also to stay in long lived teams. Long lived teams learn how to work with each other and start to deliver more as well as becoming more cross functional.

Our org likes to move staff around every 6-12 months or so. They will sit certain teams closer together in a hope it will break down the silos and enable more collaboration. Sometimes it's a whole org reshuffle and teams move floors, sometimes just an internal department shuffle and maybe just move a couple of teams.
having done both, I do prefer the std desk setup. The best hotdesking was a "monthly" rotation when the team i was in supported up to 5 sites. Monthly was more only if you changed location after the month.

call center hot desking was the worst. even with high turn overin staff, you ended up with some grubbly people that never cleaned so you ended up with a Keyboard and mouse that you needed a hazmat for the day to use. I understand why, most i understand work on a 1.25 seat allocation b/c roster rotation. unless they screw that up and roster everyone on.
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thanks for the CF offers, i had stacks.... although none within the vacinity at the time i needed one.

China trumped USA yet again.
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elvis Thread Starter
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Things I don't do any more: chase up folks who send "urgent" tickets, and then don't read my response. No more Peter Potamus.

Play old games with me!
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Originally Posted by elvis View Post
Things I don't do any more: chase up folks who send "urgent" tickets, and then don't read my response. No more Peter Potamus.

let users triage tickets...

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