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Old 20th May 2017, 11:40 AM   #1
Pengoz Thread Starter
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Default How to do this in word or? (creating custom checklist)


I'm trying to help a friend with an computer task of theirs, unsure how to do it myself...

They have a list of 600 or so items they wish to create a master checklist out of, then via checkboxes based on what is checked a custom list is produced.

I am a beginner with word and excel, maybe could say at best intermediate...

Unsure how you'd do this with word, can't seem to find an application that could do this either (its a pretty specific task i know).

Other than doing this in excel and maybe creating a filtered list via checkboxes and if statements (e.g. if cell a1 is checked then show value in cell a2)...then can print it off to pdf or hardcopy (the filtered results).

Not expecting any or many replies this is a tricky one?

I'll play with excel later, but thought I'd ask here.

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Old 20th May 2017, 11:59 AM   #2
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Originally Posted by Pengoz View Post
Unsure how you'd do this with word,
Is this something they just want to achieve onece, or they will be doing it regularly? If it's a home/one-off not-that-important, in word you could do it by adding a column to the table of info, using a letter to identify the selected items, then sort. It'll bring all the checked items together.
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Old 20th May 2017, 12:05 PM   #3
Bold Eagle
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Word should be viewed as a writing program for presenting and reporting or articulating information.

For 'lists', DATA Tables, numbers, etc, etc, I would be using Excel especially when you have 600+ items - Word will be clunky and cumbersome to manage this sort of DATA table, spilling across multiple pages, etc. A bit of effort now to get the DATA into Excel will save a lot of frustration and grief later if you try and manage that sort of DATA table (list of 600 items) in Word.

When you have the DATA in Excel you then use the 'Sort and Filter' function to select what you want to output (display, print, plot, graph, etc) from your list.

For example I have a list of PC Parts here and I clicked on the Column header (D) and the selected the Filter option:

Click to view full size!

It can be noted there is now a drop down button for that column and when clicked on I can 'select and deselect' the items I want to filter:

Click to view full size!

They then become the only items being output (displayed, or printed, plotted, graphed, etc) all items still persist and you won't lose the DATA but the filtering will only change what is output.

Here is a video with a indepth handout:

Late Edit: to demonstrate a point if I number 600 cells in Excel (from 1 to 600) and then just copy that DATA Range and paste into Word I end up with a 13 page document - really horrible for DATA manipulation whereas in Excel I have the one worksheet. Also you can do all of the DATA processing in Excel and after you have got your results you could then put it into Word.
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