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Old 9th September 2016, 3:50 PM   #1
hellaflush Thread Starter
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Default Oldschool high end build needing a refresh?

Wow. Haven't logged into OCAU in years after taking a break from benching/pc gaming!

Any oldschoolers around will remember me (if their memory can go back to my last post date of probably 2012)

So I am back and unfortunately won't be contending for the GPU benching titles anymore in camp AMD but I will be gaming!

Looks like things have progressed a little in 4 years hardware wise!

So here is my predicament, i still have my old rig that back then i sunk some 6+ grand into when i built it. Specs are as follows:

Corsair 800D case
Asus Rampage Extreme 4 mobo
Xeon w3530 @ 4.6 daily (under water)
Corsair dominator gt 2166 3x2GB
Phoenix pro 120gb ssd (had 2 in raid however one has died)
1tb westgate data drive (nearly maxed)
AMD 7950 gpu (i miss my stupid quadfire 6970 setup )
Corsair 1200w psu
All my watercooling gear. Triple ek rad with 6 scythe typhoons, dual ek rad with 4x scythe typhoons, ek res, ek block etc

Now. Ive definitely gotten my moneys worth over the years as this thing is still 4.6ghz daily and never skips a beat. My only issue ive faced is legacy ROG audio drivers and poor integration with my home theatre system (however i also want to build a media pc as now that i want to game again i will be purchasing some monitors and will cease using this rig connected to my 65" samsung tv)

So question is... what do i do? I know at a minimum i will be getting the new latest AMD GPU... however bearing in mind i want to essentially have 1x gaming rig and 1x media pc now but have this old high end rig here... do i reuse some of its components? Do i just sell it all complete? Is it even worth anything complete or in parts? Is it at the end of its lifecycle for gaming? Im really out of the loop and confused.

Budget is also not an issue. I like buying shiny new things. In saying that ive grown older and wiser and am saving fot an engagement ring and house deposit at the same time so i probably wont be going and dropping another 6+k on these builds.

Throw me some loose ideas guys and we can bounce back and forth!

An idea i kinda had was:

Gaming pc:
Reuse cpu and mobo/water cooling as im sure they are fine in a gaming environment?
Reuse case and psu
Just update gpu and hard drives

Media pc:
Build from scratch and maybe use the 7950 gpu in that?

But then another part of me is like... i want one of these new K processors and motherboards look even sexier these days!
Case: Corsair 800D, Motherboard: ASUS R3E, CPU: Xeon W3530 @ 4.65ghz, Cooling: Custom Dual Rad Watercooling loop with a lot of Scythe GT1850's, GPU: Quadfire HD6950, RAM: 6G (3x2G) Corsair Dominator @ 1715mhz, Powersupply: Corsair AX1200, Hard Drive: OS: G.Skill Phoenix PRO 120GBx2 in Raid0 Data: WD 1TB, Keyboard: Logitech G15 S1/Razer Arctosa, Mouse: Razer Mamba, Monitor: 3x Acer P241W @ 5760x1200

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Old 9th September 2016, 4:27 PM   #2
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I think your current machine still packs some punch! You should double the ram to 12gig, get a FURY / 980 from the forums for ~$350 and possibly re-install Windows on the new SSD you mentioned getting. This is all providing your current system is still operating at 100% now that it's becoming a senior citizen.

The other option is to sell the lot and go brand new which will net you lots of nice new features like PCIE3, M.2, USB3/C ect. The new CPUs also have great power saving features and everything will likely be a little bit better.

You'll probably want mini ITX for the media PC. I mocked you up something because I'm bored . The CPU will be ok for casual couch gaming and the 7950 will rock. I went with Z97 because the G3258 overclocks quite well and you can drop in an i5 or i7 later on as an upgrade path. Left the case blank for your personal preference.

Asrock Z170 Extreme 7+ / i7 6700k / RipJaws 16gb 3200 / Fury X / ASUS MG279Q / Samsung 950 pro / Deskstar 4TB / Corsair AX860i / Fractal R5
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Old 17th October 2016, 2:08 PM   #3
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Depends on your budget. Maybe look at a Z170 system. See http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Xeon-W...l-Core-i7-6700
ASRock x370 TaiChi, R7-1700, H110 GTi, 16GB 3200-14 GSkill, 2 x R9 Nano, 250GB EVO, 2 TB Barracuda, EVGA 750G2 in Enthoo Pro plus LG 34UM88 monitor, Azio kb and Gigabyte 6580 Mouse
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Old 17th October 2016, 2:46 PM   #4
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Something in your specs is wrong. Do you mean a Rampage 3 Extreme? The RIVE is X79/socket 2011, and your CPU/6GB ram looks like 1366 gear.
Optiplex 990 SFF - i7-2600, 16GB DDR3, Galax GTX1050Ti LP O/C 4GB, 480GB OCZ Trion150, 250GB Kingston HyperX Savage, BL3200PT
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Old 23rd November 2016, 3:41 PM   #5
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nice build.
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Old 26th December 2016, 11:25 AM   #6
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Did a see "Oldschool" !

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Welcome back

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