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Originally Posted by cbb1935 View Post
Dogfreek and dogodeigo on page 5 ... both new users and both punctuate and post the same... HMMMMMMM

Sudden expert pops up ....

It's pretty commonly known that it's rarely the breed, and more the type of people the breed attracts (sadly).

Druggos and Bogans want a big muscular, solid and aggressive looking dogs to counteract their small dicks... sadly that often means the dog will be mistreated, non socialised, and non obedience trained.

So you have a big muscular powerful dog that can do damage if it bites, being mistreated... that's the recipie for disaster right there when a kid walks past and wants to pat "doggie" through a fence.

But you can't easily restrict dog owners, so the breeds are restricted based on how much damage they can do. A Dacshund might be the most aggressive breed, but it's bite will do far less damage than if a bull terrier breed or mastiff gets hold of your arm.

I used to own a Rottie (which is a breed that has had a bad rep before).... beautiful dog and such a sook. Now I've got a Labrador... and honestly between the two of them, both had the same temperament and "sweetness" about them.

Every single poodle I've seen or met, has made me question this. Including one that used to try and bite any male person it saw. On the flipside I know someone with a Doberman bitch. Walk up to the side gate, stick your arm through to pat it... and you'll have it ripped off. But have the owner there alongside it and it'll take all the tummyrubs in the world and lick your hand.
I only just found this forum so your right i have just popped up.
In actual fact in the show world %98 of owners ,showers and breeders are classy ,wealthy ladies who pour loads of money into imports to better these large muscular breeds,they dont have dicks at all just a true passion for there chisen breed so your wrong there,however i do agree many bogans and rednecks acquire tough looking dogs because they do have identity problems and its these types of people that ruin reputations of many large muscular breeds and mistreat there dogs which really worries me sbout how they treat there children.
I have bread and shown Neapolitan Mastiff gor 20years,and have mever had problems with aggression as. I dedicate my life to my dogs.Training,socialising and importing.There is much misconception as you surely know about dangerous dogs.
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Originally Posted by cbb1935 View Post
Alfies gorgeous ...

That's the same with our girl to a degree... I've found the smaller dogs seem to be bigger pests/yappers than the larger dogs.

Shes fine with most other dogs, but sometimes a dog gets too close in her personal space and she gives then a snarl/growl.

Being a 35kg Lab with a deep stocky chest and a blocky Newfoundland like head (she's out little bear), some people can be a bit weary of her.

Staffies are great dogs... WITH a good owner
Thank you, he's a good egg, nearly died of pneumonia when someone out Paramatta way left him chained to a post as an 8 week old puppy...

What you say is very true, this is my second staffy and they definitely need a strong, consistent hand, mostly to curb some of the 'people focus'. They just want attention *all the time*, it manifests itself as jumping up, leaning on or sitting on people, running around the house excitedly when someone new arrives and persistent vocalising when they are blocked from being with whoever is there. Those are the more benign traits, but they will also bark and growl at other dogs if they feel those dogs might be a competition to their relationship with a human (in the dog park for example...) Those things are easily kept in check, but if not... or even worse encouraged - rewarded for jumping up, and then grabbing an arm... or rewarded for growling at/biting other dogs.... you end up with a nightmare.
Just like any other dog really!
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