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Originally Posted by Life_Essence View Post
That's interesting to hear, I assume you mean they don't open up properly after the strip and before the two halves come back together? The only time I've had that problem with these is if I don't depress the handle enough while trying to do it too quickly and this is after tens of thousands of strips. All I've ever had to do to it is adjust the cutters to line up properly a few times times and keep it oiled (A lot of field work so if I don't oil tools they rust quickly).

The only sort of cable it has a lot of trouble with, other than just being the wrong size, is SJOW, SOOW, W-Type etc. cable that has the rubber insulation. It just flat out does not work so I use a knife for that sort of cable.
It could very well be build quality playing a decent part. Mine are not Snap-on.

The other thing i don't like about them, is you need the jaws for the types of cables you are stripping. They aren't universal, but can be used most of the time. I've found it does affect the quality of the cut.

Originally Posted by Aaron_85 View Post
Parrot beaks are essential if you start venturing into the larger cables.
Originally Posted by cvidler View Post

I've had a set I bought like 20 years ago, still work great today.

For really big stuff - bigger than about 10GA, parrots are the go. Takes a bit more skill/care to do without damaging the conductors.
One of the main things I like about them is they are universal. I'm using various sizes of single core, shielded cables, double insulated, and HV stuff. One tool, no settings required, do it all by feel. Does not take long to develop the feel at all either.

There is supposed to be a weidmuller product that will cut, strip and crimp bootlace / ferrules all in one, and take's the joined ferrules. I've never used it, and generally try to avoid ferrules, but if that's your thing, it would be a big time saver.
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Originally Posted by [SweN] View Post
The other thing I don't like about them, is you need the jaws for the types of cables you are stripping. They aren't universal, but can be used most of the time. I've found it does affect the quality of the cut.
So this brings up another question, have you tried stripping SJOOW type cable ie. this with the type of stripper you like whether it be Knipex/Weid like those linked or whatever brand you have? Because looking at the blade geometry of those two it's going to have exactly the same problem as mine do trying to cut the stupid squishy, stretchy rubber of that type of cable?

Also, I'm not just asking this just to argue or defend my purchase, I'm actually curious on a professional level cause if this can, with proof, cut this type of jacket cleanly and consistently then I'm happy to spend $200+ on a set of strippers to strip this one type of cable.

+1 for parrot jaws to, I got a huge one that'll cut 4/0AWG and it still cuts tiny 26 gauge no worries. Just one tip though if you do get a pair, NEVER, EVER cut steel wire with then, they are ONLY for electrical wire. To give an analogy it's like using cloth scissors to cut paper. Or better yet a chainsaw to cut bricks.
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